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Curriculum Vitae

Short Biography


  • May 2007-April 2011 Dissertation at the Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg. Thesis title: „ Siedlungsgeschichte des mittleren Osttigrisgebietes - vom Neolithikum bis in die neuassyrische Zeit“ (Settlement History of the Central Trans-Tigris Area - from the Neolithic to the Late Assyrian period). Graded with “summa cum laude” (Advisors: P. A. Miglus, Heidelberg; McG. Gibson, Chicago).
  • February, 7th 2007 Master of Arts in Near Eastern Archaeology, Assyriology and Proto- and Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Graded with “very good with distinction” (1,0) – thesis title: „Fernerkundung archäologischer Fundorte im westlichen Teil der Makhmur-Ebene, Irak“ (Remote Sensing of archaeological sites in the western part of the Makhmur Plain, Iraq).
  • Winter 2000/2001 Enrollment at the Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology (Major), Assyriology (1st Minor), Pre- and Proto-Historic Archaeology (2nd Minor).


  • June, 21st 2000 Abitur (German general qualification permitting university enrollment) at the Heimschule Lender, Sasbach, Germany.

Academic Career

  • Januar – September 2017 part time work (50%, Januar – Juni, 75%, Juli – August) for parental leave; since September 2017 return to full time work.
  • Since September 2016 Emmy Noether Junior Group Leader at the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, LMU München.
  • October 2015 – September 2016 Assistant professor/lecturer at the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, LMU München.
  • June 2015 second place in in the appointment procedure for a lecturer position in the field of Landscape Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, University of Durham (succession T. J. Wilkinson).
  • October 2012 – October 2015 Research Associate at the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology of the LMU München - archaeological director of the Shahrizor Survey Project, funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).
  • September 2013 Co-director of salvage excavations at Dekon, Serchnar, Sulaimaniya (with Zuhair Rajab Abdallah).
  • December 2011 – October 2012 Assistant lecturer at the Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology, LMU München.
  • August – October 2011 Supervisor of area 3 for the excavation project at Bakr Awa, Province of Sulaimaniya (Peter A. Miglus).
  • August 2011 Specialist for pottery for the UNESCO Sulaimaniya Museum refurbishment project (directed by Stuart M. Gibson).
  • Since May 2011 Organizer of the Shahrizor Survey Cooperation Project (Heidelberg - Sulaimaniya - London).
  • May 2009 – May 2010 Co-organizer of the Sulaimaniya Survey Project, Iraq.
  • Since May 2007 Member of the project „Kulturlandschaft und Siedlungsgeschichte am Kleinen Zab, Irak“ (Cultural Landscape and Settlement Patterns at the Little Zab, Iraq), digital edition of B.S. Sulaiman 2010 (in Arabic), project manager: Prof. Dr. P. A. Miglus.
  • August 2005 – 2007 Contributor for to „ArchAtlas“ (School of Archaeology, University of Oxford - Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield), project manager: Prof. Dr. A. G. Sherratt, Dr. E. S. Sherratt.
  • September 2001 – February 2009 Research assistant and consultant at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Institute for Pre- and Proto-Historic and Near Eastern Archaeology, and the Institute of Language and Cultures of the Near East for various projects (image processing, publication editing of MANP 8-11, database development, museum inventory, photo archive supervision of training excavations).

University Teaching Experience

  • Since 2009 annual trainings for GIS, surveying and archaeological drawing at Slemani Museum for staff of the Antique Board of the Province of Sulaimaniya, Iraq
  • Summer Term 2018 - Seminar: "Burial Customs in the Ancient Near East", LMU München.
  • Summer Term 2017 - Tutorial: „Statistics in Archaeology“ (together with Dr. E. Heller, Institute for Statistics), LMU München.
  • Summer Term 2016 - Seminar: „New World Order. Societies in the Change of the Neolithic“, LMU München
    - Main Seminar: „Special Buildings in the Neolithics“, LMU München
    - Tutorial: "Theories in Archaeology (together with Dr .C. von Nikolai), LMU München.
  • Winter Term 2015/16 - Seminar: „Mesopotamian Empires in the first millennium BC: Architecture and Landscape Architecture as a Mirror of Power“, LMU München.
    - Seminar: „Mesopotamian Empires in the first millennium BC: The Role of Art in State and Society“, LMU München.
    - Tutorial: „Documentation of Excavations“, LMU München.
  • Summer Term 2014 - Excursion Tutorial: „Archaeology in Kurdistan“, LMU München.
  • 2013 Seminars: “GIS in Near Eastern Archaeology (Open Source Software)”; “Archaeological Field School” (together with Ch. Piller), LMU München.
  • 2012 Seminars: “Trade and Exchange in the Ancient Near East”; “Archaeology of the Eastern Tigris Region”; “GIS in Near Eastern Archaeology (ArcGIS 10)”, University of Munich.
  • Winter Term 2011/12 Seminar: “Economic Concepts in the Ancient Near East”, University of Heidelberg.
  • Winter Term 2007/08 Tutorial: “Pixels and Vectors – Image Processing in Archaeology”, University of Heidelberg.
  • May 2006 Workshop: “Geo-Information-Systems and their Practical Use in Near Eastern Archaeology”, University of Heidelberg.


  • December 2019 Karl-Heinz Hoffmann Award of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  • January 2018 Prinzessin Therese von Bayern Prize 2017

Fellowships and Grants

  • April – June 2018 Emergency renovation work of earthquake damage at the heritage buildings Mutabchi and Nuri al Bag and the Sulaimani Museum in Sulaimaniya, Iraq, Gerda Henkel Foundation.
  • April 2018 Conference grant and promotion of a Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Fellow Application of the CAS München (Workshop „Archaeology of the Invisible“).
  • September 2016 – September 2021 Emmy Noether Junior Research Group „Flucht – Migration – Interaktion. Artefaktbezogene Diversität in altorientalischen Kontexten des 3. und 2. Jahrtausends v. Chr.“ (DFG).
  • February – August 2015 LMUexcellent, initial funding of the project „Flucht – Migration – Interaktion“.
  • December 2014 – October 2015 Limnic Analyses at Lake Ganau (DFG), together with Prof. Dr. M. Rösch, Dr. A. Kadereit.
  • April 2014 – April 2015 Iraqi-German University Partnership Sulaimaniya – Munich, supported by the DAAD (together with Prof. Dr. A. Otto and Prof. Dr. W. Sallaberger).
  • 2014 – 2017 Financial support from the Mentoring Programme of the LMU München.
  • January 2014 Financial support for a students' excursion to Iraqi Kurdistan (together with Prof. Dr. W. Sallaberger and Prof. Dr. A. Otto)
  • November – December 2013 Grant from the German Oriental Society (DOG) „Die Vorgeschichte in der Shahrizor‐Ebene (Tanjero und Greza). Iraqi-German cooperation for the scientific evaluation of an excavation.
  • February 2013 Grant from the German Oriental Society (DOG) for the Iraqi-German publication project “The prehistory of the Shahrizor - Tanjero and Greza”.
  • January 2013 Grant for an international workshop for junior scientists „Assyrien im 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. – Neue Untersuchungen zur Archäologie und Geschichte eines Weltreichs“ (together with Prof. Dr. Michael Roaf).
  • January 2013 Grant from the Thyssen Foundation for the organization of a workshop for young researchers “Assyrien im 1. Jahrtausend” held in Munich, January 11th-12th.
  • October 2012 - September 2015 Acquired funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project “Siedlungsarchäologie in der Provinz Sulaimaniya, Irak – Die Lebenswelt einer Vorgebirgsregion im Spannungsfeld altorientalischer Kulturen“ (Settlement archaeology in the province of Sulaimaniya - „concepts of living“ in a piedmont region interacting with Mesopotamian cultures).
  • October 2012 Lehre@LMU, programme for improving research and practical orientation through innovative teaching concepts.
  • October 2012 Joint acquired funding for the workshop “The Mediterranean Mirror”, Heidelberg (together with Dr. A. Babbi, Dr. F. Bubenheimer-Erhart, Dr. B. Marina-Aguilera).
  • November 2011 Grant for printing expenses of the book “Siedlungsgeschichte im mittleren Osttigrisgebiet” (Settlement History of the Central Trans-Tigris Area) of the VG Wort.
  • October 2011 Grant for printing expenses of the book “Siedlungsgeschichte im mittleren Osttigrisgebiet” (Settlement History of the Central Trans-Tigris Area) of the Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence.
  • May – June 2011 Initial funding from the Research Pool of the University of Heidelberg for the project “Siedlungsarchäologie in der Provinz Sulaimaniya, Irak – Die Lebenswelt einer Vorgebirgsregion im Spannungsfeld altorientalischer Kulturen”.
  • July 2010 Acquisition of project funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the organization of the Young Talented Scholars’ Workshop „Doors of Perception – Gateways of Transcultural Interaction in the Ancient Near East“.
  • May 2009 – February 2010 Visiting researcher at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago (funded by a short-term scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD and project funding by the German Research Foundation – DFG).
  • March 2009 Travelling grants from the Graduate Academy, University of Heidelberg for research in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • May 2007 – August 2010 Awarded a PhD scholarship by the Gerda Henkel Foundation for the dissertation project „Siedlungsgeschichte des mittleren Osttigrisgebiets – vom Neolithikum bis in die neuassyrische Zeit“ (Settlement History in the Central Trans-Tigris Area – Settlement Patterns from the Neolithic to the Late Assyrian Period).
  • January 2006 – September 2006 Karl-Steinbuch scholarship of the Media and Movie Society (MFG) for the interdisciplinary research project „Archäologische Satelliten-Fernerkundung in der automatischen Detektion frühzeitlicher Siedlungsplätze des Nahen Ostens“ (Archaeological Remote Sensing in automated detection of early settlements in the Near East), together with Björn Menze, Institute for Scientific Computing, University of Heidelberg).

Foci of Interest

Landscape archaeology, GIS, remote sensing – archaeology of Iraqi, Assyrian and Babylonian culture – archaeology of Mesopotamia – comparative archaeology of the Middle East – transfer of technology and ideas – trade in prehistorical and historical times – transformations of material culture – history of the Ancient Near East.