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MAAO - Series of the Institute of NEA

New publication series MAAO on the archaeology and history of the Ancient Near East

The Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology of the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) is pleased to announce the inauguration in 2018 of a new monograph series entitled the Münchener Abhandlungen zum Alten Orient (MAAO).

This series is devoted to research on the archaeology and history of the Ancient Near East primarily undertaken by members and former members of the Institute but also including studies related to the research interests of the Institute.
The series is edited by Adelheid Otto in cooperation with Ursula Calmeyer-Seidl, Berthold Einwag, Michael Herles, Kai Kaniuth, Simone Mühl, Michael Roaf and Elisa Roßberger.
The first two volumes appeared in 2018, and six more volumes have been published since.

The books can be ordered directly from the publishing house PeWe-Verlag in Gladbeck or through any bookstore. Customers from the US or Canada may order at Ian Stevens Distribution.