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Until the beginning of the so-called second Gulf War in 1990/1991, the focus of our Institute had been on the exploration of Mesopotamia, i.e. Iraq, the North-East of Syria and the South-East of Turkey.

Due to political circumstances, however, we have since had to relocate our areas of interest in part, so that other modern states and thus other ancient empires have become our focus of research.

Mesopotamia, more precisely Iraq, as the core area of Near Eastern Archaeology, cannot be explored without risks and problems at the moment. In the meantime, the mulit-disciplinary project Tall Bazi has grown, but also more recent research in the historical core area (project of Northern Iran) and former fringe areas such as Uzbekistan (project of Tilla Bulak) complement our knowledge on the Ancient Near East.


The list below of the current projects of our Institute is continually complemented and translated into English.