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The Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology forms part of the faculty 12 of Cultural Sciences and the Department for Cultural Sciences and Ancient Studies. In addition to the BA programmes of "Archaeology" and "Ancient Near East", teaching also comprises the new master programme of "Near Eastern Archaeology". Another focus of our Institute is on research. Apart from field research, projects like HIGEOMES on the historical geography of Upper Mesopotamia and METROLOGIA, a French-German cooperation on the use, function and prevalence of different weight- and measure of capacity systems in the Ancient Near East in their socio-economic and historical context, are based at our institute. more

The subject Near Eastern Archaeology is represented in the BA programmes "Archaeology: Europe and the Near East" and "Ancient Near East" (principal subject with 180 and 120 ECTS points respectively) as well as in the course "Ancient and Oriental Studies" (subsidiary subject). Since the winter term of 2012/13, students have been able to continue their studies with the Master Programme "Near Eastern Archaeology". Please register for lectures and exams via LSF. more

Introductory Term Meeting

Introductory Term Meeting

The introductory term meeting to all lectures held at the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology in the winter term of 2018/19 takes place on Monday, 15th October 2018 at 10:00 am s.t. in the Historicum in Schellingstraße 12 (K), room no. K 427.