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Winter Term 2021/22 in times of Corona

Winter Term 2021/22 in times of Corona

Updated on 24th November 2021 !!! AS PER TODAY; THE 2G-RULE FOR STUDENTS IS TAKING EFFECT !!! Access to LMU buildings - lectures, libraries and archives - is only granted to those vaccinated against or recovered from Corona. Exception: for exams, the 3G+ rule applies, i.e. vaccinated, recovered, or PCR test - Important current information on the winter term of 2021/22 and on the LMU Hygiene Concept - - Lectures in presence will be possible and we hope it will remain a permanent status. - - The main issues of the LMU infection protection concept are the following: Independent of the Corona incidence figures, everybody is obliged to wear an FFP2-face mask in all areas of LMU buildings. If you cannot keep a distance of 1.5 metres to other persons during presence lectures, you are obliged to wear your masks at your working place. Lecturers are exempt from this rule if they can keep the security distance to their audience. If the 7-day-incidence exceeds the value of 35, the 3G-rule applies, i.e. only vaccinated, recovered or tested students are allowed to participate. In this context, LMU will put up two test centres from 11th October 2021 onwards - in Schellingstraße 3 and at the Biozentrum Martinsried (Großhaderner Str. 4) - for carrying out PoC-Antigene tests. Students of the LMU can have themselves tested there for free on presentation of their LMU card and will receive a test record. There will be regular random controls of the 3G-rule at several levels by the security service of the LMU. Lectures are also authorised to check testing records, but are not obliged to do so. for further details - especially on exceptions and execution of the rules - please also regularly consult the current news under "Aktuelles" on the German Homepage, which are constantly being updated, as well as the central pages of LMU München. We are looking forward to seeing you in person again, or to get to know you, and wish you a good and successful winter term 2021/22.

The Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology forms part of the faculty 12 of Cultural Sciences and the Department for Cultural Sciences and Ancient Studies. In addition to the BA programmes of "Archaeology" and "Ancient Near East", teaching also comprises the new master programme of "Near Eastern Archaeology". Another focus of our Institute is on research. Apart from field research, projects like HIGEOMES on the historical geography of Upper Mesopotamia and METROLOGIA, a French-German cooperation on the use, function and prevalence of different weight- and measure of capacity systems in the Ancient Near East in their socio-economic and historical context, are based at our institute. more

All future Master students (also graduates from the BA programmes "Archaeology" and "Ancient Orient") need a confirmation of aptitude for their registration for the Master programme "Near Eastern Archaeology". more