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Important Information on the Enrolment for the master programme of "Near Eastern Archaeology"


All future MA-students (also graduates from the BA-programmes of "Archaeology" and "Ancient Orient") need a letter of endorsement if they wish to enrol in the master programme of "Near Eastern Archaeology".

Students of the LMU who have graduated from the BA-programmes of "Archaeology" or "Ancient Orient" can re-enrol after having passed or definitely failed their intermediate or final exams. Thus, the deadline for changing the subject of studies is applicable (but in this case it is no "change of subject", but of the degree programme within the same subject of studies). The tuition fees must have been already paid and also the examination office must have informed the student admissions office about the student having passed the bachelor exam. Deadline: the earlier, the better, so that administrative issues such as certificates etc. ca be handled in time.

Thus, the letter of endorsement has to be issued before the respective deadlines for enrolment (Opening hours of the student admissions office).

For Academic Counseling or a letter of endorsement please contact Mr Simon Halama, M.A. We would like to ask you to fix an appointment in advance by e-mail.

You can view the current university calendar for the winter term 2015/16 here (also commented) and in the LSF.

For general information at student level please contact the student representatives.